Custom Landing Page Designs

A Digital Calling Card for your Business or Portfolio

Whether you're a small business owner or an independent contractor, give your business and your customers the professional online experience it deserves. Simple, beautiful, affordable.

Landing Page vs. Multiple page Websites

Not every business needs a large, multi-page website. A landing page is a single page scrolling site that can include all the basic information that you need to convey to your customers. Your services, business hours, and how to get in touch might be exactly what you need to share. In addition, most people are visiting websites using a mobile device, not a desktop. A single scrolling webpage is ideal for this context.

Bells and Whistles!

Just because this is a landing page, that doesn't mean you can't have cool integrations! Maybe you need a little more than just listing your services? Additional elements that you can add include a photo gallery, Instagram feed, Mailchimp sign up, forms, links to documents and more!

Importance of Having a
Web Presence

Most everyone uses an internet search to learn more about a business. Even if someone mentions a business by word-of-mouth, it's common to go online to learn more about the services and pricing information before getting in touch. Having a web presence is important in todays marketplace and can help grow your customer base.

Small Businesses

Get your services seen

A landing page is ideal for small businesses such as electricians, plumbers, contractors, and hair salons who often need a simple website to share the essentials:

  • Listing of services and pricing

  • Store location and hours

  • Contact information & social media links

  • Images of past work

  • Testimonials

Artists, Writers, Creators

Showcase your Work

Whether you're a visual artist, a writer or a creator of digital content, having an online portfolio is essential. Creatives often need a simple but professional site to showcase their work and share their bio and experience. A landing page is ideal for:

  • Visual Artists

  • Musicians

  • Photographers

  • Small Galleries

  • Digital professionals (Specialists in marketing, branding, SEO, copywriting, etc)

The Standard Package


This standard package includes an original design with the content that you'll provide (photos, text, etc).

  • Domain name purchase*

  • Custom landing page

  • Google analytics integration

*$25/year for domain name renewal. Specialized requests or non .com domains may have higher rates.

The Premium package


For a business that needs something extra, this package includes the option for Google Analytics reporting or a Mailchimp integration.

  • Domain name purchase*

  • Custom landing page

  • Google analytics integration

  • Option 1: Quarterly Google analytics report for 1 year

  • Option 2: Mailchimp sign up integration

*$25/year for domain name renewal. Specialized requests or non .com domains may have higher rates.

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